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Annette Wrigley Sports Therapist

Shoe Size - 7
Clothes Size - Small/Medium
Injury History - Bilateral ligament damage - Right Ankle
Strengths - Self Motivated, Passionate, Positive
Weaknesses - My own worse critic (which could be a positive)
Job Title - Sports Massage Therapist - Self Employed
No of Hours P/W - 25-30hrs
% Clients - Runners - 35% approx.

Most common injury - Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints and ITB syndrome

I work in Stockport near Manchester as a self employed Sports Therapist. I am so passionate about my job and sport that I probably shouldn’t even call it a job. When New Balance approached me to join the Good Form Running Team I was so excited. Being involved with such a project can only further my knowledge.  As a Sports Therapist I see injuries every day that occur through poor running techniques, so this opportunity will help me gain further experience to help my clients continue to achieve all they are capable of and more.

Sports therapy will benefit marathon training

Firstly regular sports therapy can alleviate muscle tension and increase range of movement. The sports therapist will apply pressure on certain muscle knots this technique is known to many osteopaths Physio and sports therapist as Neuro Muscular technique( NMT). When applying NMT to these areas the muscle will ease then the sports therapist will start to direct the muscle fibres the correct way, slowly draining the lactic acid through the muscle providing good lymphatic drainage. more on sports treatment for marathon.

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