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Treatment for homeopathic HCG for poor metabolic syndrome

Exercise classes are not tackling my belly fat!

"I've joined to body pump classes and do sit ups every day but still hold weight on my stomach." Sam Philis

This is something we hear regularly from patients dealing with poor metabolic functioning. Holding on to fat around the tops of my thighs and stomach and other selected areas. This was a problem for many patients suffering from poor metabolic functioning until the under went our homeopathic preparation.

Fortunately Homeopathic HCG works even better than injectable and it has been used in a part of a weight loss protocol ( The BSC Slimming Clinic ) using part of the research developed by dr simmion over 40 years ago. It is upsetting that people who have a metabolic disorder and can not lose weight in any other way ( apart from the use of HCG in the BSC slimming protocol) and are only given 3 options, which is expensive weight loss surgery such as gastric blooning banding or now KEN to help them look “normal”.

To carry weight on areas of the body such as hips, stomach, tops of the thighs ,buttocks and armpits, and not be able to shift this weight through normal exercise and good nutrition, then most likely that person has a metabolic disorder. Though this condition and most importantly its treatment is denied by mainstream medicine, though our statistics and evidence ( on top of the 30 years research ) prove otherwise.

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