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Herbal Medicine

The use of plants to promote health and fight disease is older than mankind itself, many animals have been observed selecting plants that they would not normally eat to help their own health. Richard uses herbal medicine in Stockport and the Peak District to treat a wide range of conditions

The modern herbalist has a wide range of knowledge at their disposal from traditional to modern research and indeed a wider than ever range of herbs with our modern global market. However I tend to use herbs that are native to Europe and America, feeling they are more suited to the western constitution and available in a fresher more potent form. Many modern drugs were extracted from plants originally but herbalists believe the complex combination of chemicals in the whole plant provides a more balanced remedy with fewer side effects.

There are many herbs that will work on a particular condition and the skill of the herbalist is to take into account the total patient picture to produce a blend of herbs most suitable for that person. This is why it is often more successful to have a herbal prescription made for you than using over the counter remedies. Also some herbs will be contraindicated with certain pharmaceutical drugs that the patient may be on and the herbalist is trained in understanding the interactions and contraindications in those circumstances, and able to prescribe safely.

The herbs can be prescribed as a liquid (tincture), as capsules, as a syrup, as a tea or may be used in a topical application such as a cream or massage oil. The best format for you and your condition will be discussed with you at a consultation.

There is much new legislation around the use of herbs, and therefore I can only prescribe remedies for people I have been in consultation with.

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