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Physiotherapy & Sport treatment

Physiotherapy and Sports massage is a brilliant mix of therapies to aid in rehabilitation from injury. Physiotherapists & sports therapist use such techniques as  NMT ( Nuero muscular technique) which is a pressure based technique targeted on the area of pain.
Some therapists use another form of this technique which is trigger point therapy which is targeting certain points on the body that release tension in other areas of the muscle.

Why do hip flexors tighten?

Tight hip flexors can have several causes but most commonly its due to being sat for long periods of time behind a desk for example or driving for hours on end.
Also not stretching out or poor positioning during exercise can also have an effect. When the muscles spend a long time or are repetitively trained in a restricted (shortened) state then the muscle will develop in that way which will reduce the range of movement (ROM) read more?

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