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Treatments to support Mental health

Counselling can help support mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and negative outlook.

Hypnotherapy and NLP brilliant for removing unwanted incidents and reoccurring
images in a patients mind. Through hypnosis a hypnotherapist will get the patient to imagine they are in a cinema and watching the incident on a screen in black and white vision.. The Hypnotherapist or NLP/Counsellor will focus the emotion to the colour of the scene and only introduce the colour to the scene when the patient seems calming and has no emotion.
Where it is grey there is no emotion When the therapist and client have achieved this, the colour is slowly introduced stemming the emotion from the scene. Now allowing the persons thought to have a limited to a more balanced emotion and a clearer outlook on the past event.
This will all be conducted in an empathic and safe environment with a mental health professional.

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