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Sports therapy will benefit marathon training

Firstly regular sports therapy can alleviate muscle tension and increase range of movement. The sports therapist will apply pressure on certain muscle knots this technique is known to many osteopaths Physio and sports therapist as Neuro Muscular technique( NMT). When applying NMT to these areas the muscle will ease then the sports therapist will start to direct the muscle fibres the correct way, slowly draining the lactic acid through the muscle providing good lymphatic drainage.

Noted this will be slightly uncomfortable especially for Athletes that eat a particularly protein based diet and do not stretch their muscles. This is because like many athletes know to increase performance within a hard training regime, a variety of nutrients are essential and if not introduced into an athletes diet they will notice this. Obviously in training but also in within therapy, for example if an athlete who eats a mainly green diet avoiding sugar and processed/red meat will have less lactic acid within their muscles and more enjoyable sports massage to an athlete who doesn't.

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