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The use of NLP in Counselling and hypnotherapy sessions.

For mental health clients who have been in a disturbing event and the images of that event keep replaying in the mind, Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP would be a tool a mental health specialist might use.

The hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner would let the client imagine they are in a cinema watching the event in black and white with no emotion connected to this event ( obviously through desensitisation techniques) . It is only when the therapist empowers the client to slowly add colour to the image projected in the cinema and when this is introduced back to the image there will be no negative emotion connected to the image.

Neuro linguistic Programming is a very powerful technique, when used right it can influence opinion and change a persons perception through the use of key words. It has been noticed that Barak Obama has used such techniques in key speeches, within a five hundred word speech it suggested that Obama used sixty percent of specific language patterns, which is a strong way of making your audience absorb information.Similarly the use of NLP in therapy can also help individuals to change negative emotions and beliefs arising from past experiences. This is achieved through the use of techniques and patterns that are driven by the unconscious mind and therefore become a way of life.

How can NLP help me?

NLP allows you to unlock the door to your mind, allowing you to release your potential and gain control over your thoughts and feelings. It will enable you to deal with a variety of situations such as: Fear, phobias unwanted habits/addictions, stress management, depression, bereavement, pain management, personal sports performance.

NLP will enable you to enjoy greater control and freedom over your own state of mind, your responses and your interactions with others, and your life in general

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