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More patients contacting their GP online

Since March 2015 GPs have been contractually obligated to offer online services such as booking requirements, complaints and self actioning counselling.
Figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre show some 97% of patients - about 55 million in total - now have the option to do it online.
It is a big increase on the 3% able to do so a year ago and is part of the government's drive to improve services.

Accessing a GP at Cenacle Treatment Centre

If you would like to see a GP privately please contact Cenacle on GP hour.

Many of our health centres throughout the UK offer private GP services, providing access to our own dedicated doctors. With our private GP services you should not have to wait too see a doctor. We aim to give you an appointment when ever the next DR is available and will always try to accommodate urgent requests on the same day that you contact us. During your appointment your GP will discuss any need or concerns you may have.  All Practitioners therapists and DR work privately and Hire room rental services here at Cenacle Treatment Centre.

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