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Stop negative thought patterns

Out dated belief systems and negative thought patterns controlling your decision making ability?

Changing Perception is what are therapist are trying to achieve with all their patients, so which treatment will work best for yourself.
Hypnotherapy worked for this man who visited Hypnotherapist Douglas Craddock, using techniques such as NLP to develop a positive mental change.

EFT is a exceptional therapy and is used by counsellors in Private and NHS counselling. Although failing all medical test this non invasive non drug dependant therapy has a great effect on PTSD, depression, phobias etc.  ( read Amanda Kinane's testimonials ).

CBT for Negative

Why do you feel negative?

CBT can substantially reduce the symptoms of many emotional disorders – clinical trials have shown this. For some people it can work just as well as drug therapies at treating depression and anxiety disorders. And the benefits may last longer. All too often, when drug treatments finish, people relapse, and so practitioners may advise patients to continue using medication for longer.
When patients are followed up for up to two years after therapy has ended, many studies have shown an advantage for CBT. This research suggests that CBT helps bring about a real change

that goes beyond just feeling better while the patient stays in therapy. This has fuelled interest in CBT. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends CBT via the NHS for common mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

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