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Room rental  Cost effective room rental in Stockport Cheshire. Book now for end of year clinics and futher medical assesment clinics throughout  2020.
Medicals @centrenews  We facilitate medicals for Consultants & Drs who are always running different clinics and need a professional working environment with responsive management who can help support a clinic that may be over time or

Osteopathy   Clifford Lomas is registerd uder the General Osteopathic Council and has been practicing for over 30 years, book with Clifford today.@centrenews  
Testimonial migraines @centrenews With osteopathy & Homeopathy. Testimonial Fractured skull severe Migraines after event, with no other medication which was able to quell my migraines. I was prescribed a high dose of a homeopathic tincture

Book Medicals with Dr Manjula @D4medicals  Book for medical assesments here at cenacle Treatmetn centre on Saturday afternoons. If patients are looking to see a Medical Doctor within a fast time from setting the appointment to assesment book

Acupuncture treatment after Knee dislocation  Back walking with weight on foot after 10day and 3 Intesive corse of acupuncture with Lin DU. She is a brilliant acupunturist which I use regularly to be able to to still compete due to the

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