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Helping  ease the feelings of Anxiety  If its a cetain event that is approaching causing you anxiety, then hypnosis could be the therapy for you.,  What ever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. (Napoleon

Roomrental at cenacle treatment centre. 
Room rental @ Cenacle treatment centre.£15 an hour for medical Screenings surgeries etc @ stockport room rental. Cenacle Treatment Centre. 9 rooms for room rental 6 days a week 12 + hours a day. More cost effective room rental Anual space

Facial Surgery UK    Proving a solution to such problems as tissue scarring from  RTA's or an accident that may have led to a physical impairment . This Physical ailment may have healed but an aesthetic  look needs a solution

HAPPY CLIENTS Mr Akhtar has performed over one thousand cosmetic surgery operations and thousands of plastic surgery operations. Here are some reviews!Follow this link
Room rental available for consultants here at cenacle treatent centre. 16 years and still here.

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