IVF Success Story

Sharon (32y, Stockport) came for acupuncture to assist her IVF.

The reason for IVF is that she has no period and her husband has low sperm motility and some chromosome defect. They have had several IVF attempts since 2008. There were two positive pregnancy tests. However, scan showed no heartbeat around eight weeks.

I saw her right after her last IVF attempt which ended with no heartbeat again at the same stage. Considering her history, apart from normal treatment for IVF, I put more emphasis on Kidney aspect. Amenorrhea (absent periods) is Kidney-related; while recurrent miscarriage is an even stronger signal of Kidney deficiency. Therefore, I gave her ear press on Kidney point during the intervals of acupuncture to reinforce the Kidney plus ear Shen Men to calm the mind. Once her pregnancy test was positive, I offered her treatment to prevent the miscarriage. Still, Kidney was a big part of this stage.

Good news – she is 20 weeks pregnant now!


Sharon (32y, Stockport) came for acupuncture to assist her IVF.

After several unsuccessful attempts at IVF my husband and I decided to look into acupuncture to assist the IVF procedure, I was a little bit skeptical but went into the treatment with an open mind. We were amazed with the outcome of our next IVF cycle as my body produced considerably more mature eggs and a much higher number fertilised. We went on to have a positive pregnancy test in which Lin gave me weekly treatment support to help reduce the chances of miscarrying up to the 12th week. Lin looked at my individual case and past history in detail to achieve the best possible treatment plan for me. I am very grateful to Lin for my positive outcome.


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