Emotional Freedom Technique

In August of 2009 I went to the Cenacle Clinic in Stockport, where I was introduced to Amanda. My symptoms were such that I was suffering with what I can only describe as chronic and debilitating joint pain and stiffness, extreme fatigue and exhaustion. I could barely walk. My ankles and feet and wrists were heavily swollen. I could not lift even household items and on some days I was housebound. I had flu-like symptoms and was unable to sleep well, if at all on some nights.

When I met Amanda, I had been ill for about 2 months.

Amanda was instantly able to understand the root of the problem. She took me through a programme of EFT and the changes were almost instant, both mentally and physically. The EFT was very easy to follow and easy to do at home. Just 15 minutes per day was enough to keep me on track between visits to Amanda.

Amanda\'s help and support was staggering

Amanda\'s help and support was staggering. She instantly put me at ease. Her approach was very caring and compassionate. She allowed me to open up completely and get to the nub of what was causing my condition. The sessions with Amanda were very enjoyable, even though I was in pain, because I could see the progression and feel the difference.

Of course, my partner noticed the change in me, which helped enormously with the healing process. I continued seeing Amanda fortnightly for about 4 months. I kept up with the EFT at home after that. I am now, thanks to Amanda, totally pain free and mobile!

Andrew, Age 42, Manchester


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