You have probably heard from Irene that I am feeling much better and am able to return to work since February. I want to personally write to thank you for your very kind care, advice, and the remedies that helped me recover from severe fatigue and depression associated with my battle with bone marrow cancer and subsequent treatments throughout last year. Despite constant support and love I received from family members, friends, and co-workers, I just could not get any better physically nor positive thoughts in my mind. Every day was a big struggle with despair and misery. I am so glad that with Irene's persistent urge, I finally agreed to start the homeopathy counseling session with you. With your excellent knowledge, skillful technique, good leading prompt questions and understanding, I was able to successfully express my deep thoughts and problems that have been bothering me openly to a person for the first time. You were able to explain clearly and patiently each of my difficulties. Then, followed up with effective medicine and discussion session, I began my true recovery with amazing results. Again, I want to express my great appreciation for all you have helped and encouraged me at a time when I needed them the most. I will continue to take good care as you advise, and hope to meet you some day either in England or when you come visit America.

Bobby Pau

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