A long time ago I had a bad experience at the dentists and since then have been frightened of going to the dentists. Over the years, rather than having treatment, I have just had a tooth taken out. Eventually I ended up with only four teeth at the bottom and had a false set of top teeth.Last year I began to get toothache again and was again terrified of going to the dentists. I knew that Jenny did various types of therapy and asked if she could do anything to help. She suggested EFT and explained the tapping procedure to me. She initially took me through the process herself to make sure that I understand what to do and I remembered what it was that had caused the fear originally so we tapped to remove the fear connected to the memory. Then she showed me how to do it myself so I could remove any further anxiety before a visit to the dentist.Overall the following 12 months I must have visited the dentist about twice a month during which time I had a considerable amount of dental work done. This consisted of the preparation and fitting of three temporary crowns on the bottom teeth; measurements and templates for false teeth extensions to the bottom three crowns; final fitting of permanent crowns and side extensions, and numerous subsequent visits for check-ups and adjustments.I could never have envisaged having all this dental work done and could not have achieved it without the EFT Therapy which removed the fear and anxiety and gave me the confidence I needed to go through with the treatment.Having my new teeth has made a big difference to my life and has given me more confidence. I owe all this to EFT and would recommend it to anyone. It is easy, it is painless and most of all – it works!.

Mrs. I - Liverpool

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