Alternative treatments on offer from our complementary medicine clinic.

 All of our treatments and activities aim to put our clients back in balance, this is why our practitioners do what they do. Be it Colonic hydrotherapy to reset a clients IBS problem  or  EFT  to help the clients phobias. We are here to offer the option that many people didn’t know existed to better are clients lives.

What is Nutritional Therapy? Nutritional therapy is the process of providing the body with nutrients. Nutrients are substances in food that provide energy, structure and regulation of body processes. Our nutritional therapy services aim to maximise

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)? Neuro Linguistic Programming is a tool that helps us understand how an individual makes sense of the world by exploring how our thoughts, actions and feelings work together to produce our experience or

What are Natural Vitalbotanic Remedies? Natural vitalbotanic remedies are a range of blended herbal remedies that are prescribed in drop dosage in the homeopathic style. They are designed to work on various organs and systems in the body to clear

Natural Nutrition & Dietary Needs What is Natural Nutrition? Natural nutrition acknowledges that we are all different and have unique dietary needs which are influenced by many factors such as our inherited constitution, developmental life

Mindfulness helping Physical and Emotional problems We welcome individuals with back care issues, M.E. or M.S. Classes are inclusive and centered around the needs of all participants Stress, anxiety, and depression can affect all of us at some

What is Life Coaching? Life coaching involves a series of conversations between the client and the coach which will help you to Understand your situation Identify how you would like it to change developing strategies to enable you to make that

Integrative Therapy Counselling What is Integrative Therapy? Integrative therapy encompasses several different models of counseling and uses them to suit the client's individual needs and complexities, which as you can appreciate is vast and

Hypnotherapy in Stockport What is Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy? Hypnosis is a natural state of mind which we experience every day and many times during the day. When you sit down to relax and watch your favorite TV programme, then you will experience

Homeopathy Treatment – Medicines & Remedies What is Homeopathy Treatment? Homeopathy is one of the most familiar of the alternative therapies and is widely used alongside conventional medicine. The approach is holistic with the overall state

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