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Obese teenagers are more likely to become smokers

A report by the American Journal of Health Behaviour highlighting that obese teenagers were more likely to become smokers. The results were based off a large American survey on teenagers,  who were questioned about their mental and physical health in 1995, 1996 and 2001, with more than 15,000 young adults taking part in the third wave. Participants reported their height and weight, which were used to determine body mass index (BMI), and were asked about their use of cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana.

Effective ways to stop smoking

How to stop smoking through hypnotherapy

3 Easy Steps to Stop smoking Today

  1. Decide that you are going to give up smoking. As you are looking at this web site you have already decided to "Give Up"
  2. Book your Stop Smoking appointment now. Appointments are usually booked well in advance, however I can usually book you in for the following week.
  3. Attend your one to one Stop Smoking session with me. Sessions usually last an hour and a half, and you can walk out a healthy Non Smoker

When becoming a non smoker  you may feel FRUSTRATED that you can not quit and that you fall back to the occasional cigarette that spirals out of control and back to smoking again. A Hypnotherapist will trigger this feeling and empower the non smoker not to respond to nicotine withdrawal, everday making the non smoker more empowered by there choice.

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