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Regular practice of mindfulness has been shown, with research, to significantly reduce perception of stress & anxiety and improve an overall feeling of well being. For more detailed information about mindfulness follow the links below:

Mindfulness with Samantha Phillis

I practice a form of mindfulness known as “mindfulness resilience enhancement”; unlike traditional mindfulness practices, this practice is focussed around incorporating mindfulness into our everyday lives and living “more mindfully”.

I am running a drop-in session at Cenacle Treatment Centre, 224 Dialstone Lane, Offerton, Stockport SK2 7LE on Saturday mornings 11am-12pm from Saturday 6th September 2014.

The sessions will include short mindful meditation practices plus more focussed meditations such as ‘savouring’, ‘soothing’ and ‘breathing spaces’.

The sessions will follow a similar format week on week so there is no need to commit to regular attendance although this would also be welcomed! We live busy lives and mindfulness needn’t be something else you are trying to “squeeze in” to your life!

You don’t need to know anything about mindfulness before you attend, there will be information available. The group is also suitable for anybody who practices regularly but fancies some company on the journey!

There will be a charge of £5.00 per session which includes tea, coffee & refreshments.

Please contact me if you require more information.

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