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Public sector strikes hit schools and services around the UK

Public sector workers have gone on strike today over pay restrictions and a government halt on pay rises moving with the level of inflation.
With Unions such as Unite & unison involved in action to increase working conditions and pay caps.

Stress related illness increases through recession

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Nottingham and University of Ulster, work related stress increases by 40% during a recession, affecting 1 in 4 workers. Furthermore, researchers found that the number of workers who take time off, as a result of work-related stress, increased by 25%, and that total time off, as result of this type of stress, rose by more than one third during an economic downturn. The study is published today in the scientific journal, Occupational Medicine.
The results act as a wakeup call for employees and employers, during a time when forecasts of Britain’s economic prospects indicate a ‘double-dip’ recession. According to claims made by The Society of Occupational Medicine, companies should use occupational health services or risk long term damage to their productivity.
Dr. Henry Goodall, President of the Society of Occupational Medicine, explained:
“Occupational health provision is even more important in times of recession as specialists can help with the stress caused by mounting workloads, organizational change and job uncertainty. We can help businesses look at how they manage stress levels and improve the working environment for workers.”
The researchers surveyed tens of thousands of civil servants in Northern Ireland in 2005 (before the recession), and again in 2009, whilst the economy was severely hit, and compared the findings.

The stigma associated with mental health issues

Dealing with a number of workers from many different sectors, there seems to be a fear of asking for help within the context of mental health disorders compared to physical injury, this is especially common within a corporate business environment.
Many workers we see here at The CTC corporate wellness centre find a relief from negative thought patterns or out dated belief systems & these same workers wonder why it took them so long to address these issues. Though it is the fear or worry that this call for help could intern effect or damage their career, so many suffer in silence until fatigue arises, seen most recently with the Chief executive of Loyds banking group falling ill to this common condition.

CTC corporate wellness

A sequence of negative thought patterns can be an easy problem to unlock, since many depressed or stressed workers have a catalyst or core to their grievance which fuels their negative thought process, it is this trigger we search for when embarking through a treatment program.


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