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Obesity patients treatments in Wales "patchy" says GP's

There are around 7,000 patients in Wales who could benefit from surgery but they have to meet a stricter set of guidelines than recommended. It also found that only one of Wales' seven health boards provides all the weight management services they should.
Leading doctors have said support for obesity treatments is "patchy".
“Start Quote Currently in Wales you have to be twice the weight you should be [to qualify] and have significant obesity-related co-morbidities” Jonathan Barry Bariatric surgeon And one surgeon said the number of Bariatric operations performed should triple.

How will my body react after Bariatric surgery and will I have to change my diet?

Yes, tying a band with fluid around your stomach will feel like you have been winded every time you eat too much or the wrong food. Unfortunately Type 2 diabetes patients rarely have a good nutritionally balanced diet, and post surgery falling back into old habits these problems are highlighted.

Certain foods that cause build up of gas in the stomach must be cut out of the patients diet or this will result in excessive stomach cramps and vomiting.
There are better and more cost effective ways in treating obesity rather then operations costing the NHS £10,000 a patient with a poor outcome.

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