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Prescriptions for testosterone on the rise

Prescriptions for testosterone drugs have risen around the world over the last decade. But there is growing concern that they are being over-used and may not be safe. Testosterone abuse is widely known in sport industry especially in the male and female body building scene, but why such a rise in testosterone users in older men. Why is this drop in the production of testosterone in males past a certain age and could it be the environment around us.

For many years now there has been a build up and a greater percentage amount of oestrogen in the water table, with reports that this is not effecting just the human species.

Birth control hormones in the water table

Journalists from along the political spectrum and anti-contraception advocates alike have seized on the idea of the-Pill-as-environmental-pollutant, and it has been difficult to separate environmental health concern from sensational coverage or politically motivated rhetoric.

At the same time, anecdotal evidence suggests environmental footprint or “greenness” is increasingly one of the factors that many women consider in choosing among birth control methods, along with effectiveness, safety, convenience, cost, and acceptability.4, 5, 6 This raises the possibility that reports about the environmental impact of hormonal contraception could influence a woman's choice of this method, and underscores the need to understand the current science and provide women with unbiased information that allows them to make informed choices.

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