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Seven fruit and vegetables a day will keep you alive longer

To avoid health complications further on in life, mainstream media is echoing nutritional  health advice to the nation that 5 a day is not enough and 7 is the main figure.

A study of 65,226 men and women indicated the more fruit and vegetables people ate, the less likely they were to die - at any given age. Seven a day cut the risk of dying from cancer and heart disease.
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Good nutrition is vital to good health. We are literally what we eat! Having trained in nutrition as well as herbalism some aspects of a persons nutritional intake always enters any consultation. Richard's approach is to return to our natural diet that the body has evolved for, but at the same time be realistic about peoples daily lives, but particularly cutting through the confusing messages we are bombarded with in the media.

Allergies and Intolerance

There is much made of food allergies and intolerances. However, true allergies are quite rare, but intolerances, ie an abnormal reaction to a normal food substance by the immune system can have a detrimental effect on an already compromised immune and excretory system.

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