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Bariatric weight loss

Morbidly obese people are being told to eat more in order to be applicable for Bariatric surgery leading reports indicate. Dr Nadim Haboubi an obesity expert stated that the 0.1% of extremely obese patients were receiving surgery in Wales. He also stated that the single unit for specialist weight management services was “poorly resourced and unsupported” and there was a “desperate need for expansion” through other parts of Wales.

Why is the UK placing so much hope in Bariatric weight loss surgery what's the end result?

Stomach Cramps!

If you eat too much the gastric band restricts the stomach and refuses to allow the stomach to expand resulting in gastric pain.
If the patients eat certain foods it can make them vomit. As food can get caught where the band is which in tern causes retching.
The only approach for people suffering a metabolic disorder in the UK is surgery, and this still will not change how fat is stored in the body. But such a skilled procedure can result in such discomfort, pain and barbaric outcome.

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