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Work number one cause of stress

Job strain is the biggest cause of workers stress related illness

Work stress is one of the main indications to UK's growing mental health problems and is the main cause of sickness absence UK wide. According to a survey administered by mental health charity mind out of 2000 individuals 34% individuals blamed job strain as a leading cause of the stress., whilst 17% chose health issues and 30% chose money problems.

Previous research indicated that stress from work increases the risk of heart attack by 23%. This study showed that workplace stress has caused 7% (increasing to 10% amongst 18 to 24 year olds) of those surveyed to have thoughts of suicide and one in 5 people (18%) to develop anxiety.

Other ways people found to deal with their stress included:

  • smoking - 28%
  • taking antidepressants - 15%
  • taking over the counter sleeping pills -16%
  • taking prescribed sleeping tablets - 10%

Results and findings

  • One in 5 (19%) takes a sick day because of stress, however, 90% gave a different reason for their absence.
  • One in 10 (9%) has left a job because of stress and one in 4 (25%) has thought about quitting because of pressure at work.
  • One in 5 (19%) felt he/she couldn't tell the boss about the overwhelming stress.

Authors comments on the results

Although 22% of the participants had been diagnosed with a mental health problem, only 10% actually informed their boss about it.

Sourced from medical news & Mind

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