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Signs of Depression or character trait

Signs of depression may be linked to certain personality traits, for example Older people men in particular display their depression “Older men are more likely to present with irritability or grumpiness as a symptom of depression than women,” says Dr. Fabiny. “So the stereotype of the grumpy old man could be a sign of a depressed old man.”

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that depression is more common among women (10.7% of adult women) than men (7.7% of adult men). And though depression tends to peak between ages 45 and 64, it can emerge at any time of life.

How can we help a young & old person change their negative & suicidal thought patterns

Changing perception is all that needs to be achieved when dealing with any person young or old suffering from depression. We have the ability to change our perception and there are many strategies that can help us succeed without being reliant on other people. EFT (emotional freedom technique) is one of the most effective treatments for changing/ shifting of emotion and clearing a persons negative perception. This treatment is free and is being used to help people in pain clinics within the NHS though it can be far more utilised for depression and negativity and not just for physical pain.

NLP & Hypnotherapy Breaking out dated belief systems and negative thought patterns

Certain powerful NLP techniques for people young & old who have suffered an upsetting or traumatic experience can be relieved by NLP stories which can influence the mind and help see an event through a different perception. NLP and hypnotherapy are techniques that need a therapist to initiate the therapy though once this has been achieved patients feel reinforced and once again in control of their own thought process.
Sourced from medical news “effective strategies for presentation of teen suicide & depression”

Sourced from Harvard medical

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