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Number of children on anti-psychotic drugs doubles

Research suggests Anti-psychotics are being rapidly prescribed to more children all though data showing young people who have psychosis or mental disorders have stayed the same and not risen, so why are these drugs being prescribed to more children each year.

A report by Channel 4 news highlighted a serious problem within our health care industry in the diagnoses and prescribing of anti-psychotics to children. Within the report it shows a young boy with learning difficulties rolling around on the floor in distress.
If there is a doubling in the rate of children being given anti-psychotics that is a worry. My worry is that these drugs are being used for other purposes.

Prof Kendall has been selected to be the first person to write guide lines for the prescribeing of anti psychotic medication. Prof Kendall was even hampered by America's Food and Drug Administration, which does hold data on any trials conducted on anti-psychotics. When he requested access to the information he was told to put in a freedom of information request.

"If there are trials that are unpublished, what that means is there will either be trials which show the drugs work as well as we think or in fact they might be even more harmful than we think," he said.

"I am appalled, absolutely appalled. This data should be available for people such as us who are working on behalf of the NHS, patients and parents."

Sourced from Channel 4 news

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