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The most common problem that affects everyone is disturbed SLEEP

There are a number of known problems that trigger insomnia such as; worry, anxiety,negative thought patterns,out dated belief systems, Job strain & stress.

Herbal & homeopathic tonics

Herbal & homeopathic tonics such as Valerian sleep tonic are great for settling the nervous system and allowing the body to relax which can keep people rested so they have a full night & undisturbed sleep.

Hypnotherapy & EFT breaking negative thought patterns

Hypnosis or EFT is a great way of breaking unwanted thought patterns & outdated belief systems that would normally keep many people awake & be a catalyst to their anxiety. Hypnotherapy & EFT has been recognised for helping patients who have PTSD due to its fast acting results.

Calming & therapeutic Mindfulness Yoga

One of the most beneficial practices for stress is mindfulness yoga that is recognised for the treatment of stress and anxiety.

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