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FIFA alarmed by widespread painkiller abuse

Top premiership football players are taking painkilling medication & anti inflammatory which could be harmful in later life.
But the results from South Africa 2010, published recently in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, show higher levels of use than ever before.

Thirty-nine percent of all players took  painkilling medication before every game, some younger players are starting to follow this alarming trend. Medical professionals spoke on behalf of FIFA saying that the danger to players internal organs such as kidneys, heart & liver could not be reversable after long periods of abuse and could lead to renal failure.

To find the most effective pain management treatment for your individual needs, it is wise to apply the course of treatment directly to your symptoms and area of pain. If you’ve sustained an acute injury, such as a muscle strain, applying ice and resting the injured part will generally help until the injury heals, which is typically within a short period of time.

If you’re living with chronic pain from a debilitating illness or other long-term injury, applying effective pain management treatment could involve more complex measures. This might include various pain and anti-inflammatory medications, as well as physical therapy.

Physical therapy is generally indicated as a means of rehabilitating the patient in an effort to regain lost mobility and strength of a muscle group or body function. As a result of an injury, ongoing disease or natural progression of age, a loss of function can be experienced. Over-compensating by using various muscle groups can lead to strain or weakness of a particular area or body part. If inflammation or swelling is present, pain can be controlled by strengthening the selected injury site.

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