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Disadvantages of using morphine for pain management

There are many advantages and disadvantages of using morphine for pain, however, the main disadvantage would be the potential of drug addiction. The effects of morphine withdrawal is another negative aspect to consider. The main advantage of using morphine for pain is the drug's ability to relieve and control intense physical suffering when other alternatives fail. The pain-relieving effects of morphine may be chosen by patients suffering from terminal illness, such as cancer.

For those with a serious illness or traumatic injury that causes extreme pain and discomfort, morphine may be a treatment option. This option, however, is generally reserved for patients whose pain is not relieved with other medications. Many physicians are hesitant to prescribe morphine for pain because of a potential for drug dependency. Morphine abuse is not uncommon for patients who have been prescribed this drug, and in some cases this abuse leads to addiction.

As this is a narcotic that dulls a patient's sensory perception, physicians sometimes prescribe morphine for pain. This, however, is a controversial issue among the medical profession. Some physicians believe the disadvantages outweigh the positives and refuse to prescribe the drug to their patients. Physicians who choose to prescribe morphine for their patients generally have tried other medications with little or no success. When a patient is suffering from intense pain, blood pressure and heart rate may increase to dangerous levels, while morphine is known to produce a tranquil state. sourced from

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