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Diabetes patients amputation rates

Amputation rates for diabetes patients are 10 times higher in some parts of England than in others, according to a study.

Researchers say the figures highlight the importance of ensuring the right specialist care. The findings coincide with an NHS report putting the annual cost of diabetes-related amputations at £120m. Amputation rates in some areas are too high, says the Department of Health. For major amputations these range from just over two each year for every 10,000 patients to 22. In England every year there are about 6,000 diabetes-related amputations.

Writing in the BBC News website's Scrubbing Up column, the charity's chief executive, Barbara Young, calls for urgent action.

"The fact that so many people are needlessly having their feet amputated is a national disgrace. And yet despite the large numbers, awareness of the problem is worryingly low, even among people with the condition."

In a statement the Health Minister for England, Paul Burstow, accepted that the problem had to be tackled.

"Amputation rates in some areas of the country are too high. Diabetics need to get their feet checked regularly and should see their local diabetes multi-disciplinary specialist or GP if they have concerns - this will prevent amputations.

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Could a two-month low-calorie diet defeat diabetes? Trial patients were able to throw away tablets

This was the headline to an article which mapped out that reducing a patients intake of calories will stop the symptoms of type two diabetes. Though with these studies making head way into the condition patients need to take more action for themselves.

Diabetics with a metabolic disorder

The problem with a diabetic patient who has a metabolic disorder is that they will always put weight on in areas of the body that a normal diabetic would not. This gives us firstly an understanding of the metabolic condition. Though if a type 2 diabetic patient went on a BSC slimming clinic protocol they would lose weight and stop the symptoms of type two diabetes, as well as re balancing the disorder so their body would behave in a normal way and not store adipose tissue in these places

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