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40% of Dr's in USA admit to not telling their patients the truth

A survey in Massachusetts USA reported that 40% of MD do not tell their patients the truth. What was also very concerning that the doctors who took the the survey admitted that they did not tell their patients that they were affiliated to a drug company.

This article was reported in the journal Health Affairs,They carried out a survey in 2009 involving 1,891 practicing doctors from across the USA. Though i believe its findings really show what's wrong with the pharmaceutical markets monopoly on the USA health care system, & who need drug reps in America when 40% of their Dr are doing there job for them.

The authors found that:

  • By far, most of the doctors agreed fully that they should be completely open to patients when talking about the pros and cons of interventions.
  • The vast majority also believe that a doctor should never reveal confidential patient data to unauthorized persons.
  • About one-third of them said they do not believe it is always necessary or best to disclose serious medical errors to patients
  • Nearly one-fifth said they did not agree fully that physicians should never tell the patient an untruth
  • Almost 40% thought it was not always necessary to tell their patients about financial relationships they might have with pharmaceutical or medical device companies
  • Just over 1 in every 10 doctors said they had lied to a patient (or patients) during the preceding twelve months

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