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Controlling Type 2 diabetes through weight loss

Type 2 diabetes is a condition which is becoming very common in patients in their late 20 and 30’s. At first common practice dictated that diabetes could not be controlled through monitoring certain foods, and medication was the only answer.

Firstly a controlled or monitored diet can help to support and balance the metabolism, with the intention of helping the patient to lose weight thereby reducing their body mass index so they don’t have as much body fat to support and are able to manage their condition better . Though the majority of type 2 diabetics are clinically obese and such exercise programs are unrealistic with unachievable aims.

Slimming world has recently acquired a position with the NHS and are referred clients. Some of their cliental succeed but a large majority of them fail and the weight is put on. Why is this? Could it be a majority of their clients are suffering from a metabolic condition? And their efforts are in vain if their condition is not treated.

Other treatments the NHS provide for people overweight is gastric banding or ballooning which some clients find uncomfortable and have to have a second operation to have the fluid removed from the gastric band.

The BSC slimming Clinic’s approach.

The more of our obese clients we screen there seems to be a connection to being overweight and having Type 2 diabetes. When we reduce the clients weight we have found that there diabetic symptoms are reduced and they find the weight loss goals they are set within an achievable aim.

Many people do not have a metabolic disorder and fail through their training or sliming regime due to negative thoughts & emotions or even craving of the wrong sort of foods. Though if this persons initial drive to lose weight was nurtured through a Hypnotherapist with certain trigger points to help create the perfect training regime, with a focussed supported and positive mind anything is achievable.

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