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A report in the daily mail highlights the food fraud that we are exposed to. It appears food labelling is not as accurate as it should be and consumers are being led to believe they are buying better quality foods than they actually are. This problem is apparent in as much as 10% of the food we are buying and eating in restaurants.
Foods most at risk of fraud labelling are high-value foods such as wild salmon, free range chicken and eggs, extra virgin olive oil and even alcohol. These products can have damaging health implications. E.g. they may contain high levels of methanol which can cause blindness and even death in extreme cases.

At a time when we are being encouraged to focus on our diet and health, it appears the food manufacturers are more interested in financial profit than the health of the customers.
The Food Standard’s Agency is targeting this problem but perhaps the public should also be putting pressure on supermarkets to audit the quality of their food products and ensure we are buying what the label promises.

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