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IStock_000002123032XSmall Q. I've never had a full body massage before what do I wear what can I expect?

A. You will probably be asked to remove your clothing down to your parts. This will happen privately so you will not feel uncomfortable then you will be asked to lie face down on a massage couch, there will be a towel for you to cover yourself. Only when you are comfortable will the massage therapist enter your area.
More towels will be arranged over you, in such a way that only the area being worked on (e.g legs, back, arms)is uncovered.

Q. Can body massage help me? I've hurt my back playing badminton.
A. Yes sports injuries have been proved to heal more quickly after massage.

Q. How often can I have a full massage?
A. Basically as often as you want, I wouldn't recommend more than twice a week though, remember to drink plenty of water afterwards.

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