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Homeopathic overdose

The Daily Telegraph published an article about a group of protesters staging a mass overdose of homeopathic medicine out side Boots pharmaceutical stores around the U.K. Their purpose was to prove that you can not overdose on homeopathy and that its benefits were merely a placebo effect.

This only proves that homeopathy is the safest alternative, a patients ailment has to be correctly linked to the Right remedy or there will be no relief of the symptoms. Homepoathic medication has been used to treat animals this merely proves that this treatment is not a placebo effect.

Below is a comment written by V.P.Singh M.D.(Homeopathy)
I have read the post in the and all the comments thereon.

There is a natural law' Nothing in this world exhausts, matter turns into energy and energy turns into matter'.

One agrees or not, but this law is there.

The question I would ask is as to what happened to the molecules of the drug substance which is used for the first dilution and subsequent dilutions Avogadro's number?

A second (time) can be divided into millionth or even higher fraction than why can't a molecule can be divided beyond Avogadro's number. Theoretically possible. Is'nt it. In 2009 scientists have successfully split electron into two (which was supposed to be impossible in 2008). May be succusion does the same to homeopathic dilution?

Another point. When one deals with human beings, who are different and unique, the idea of RCT is absurd. And why clinical benefit is ignored and something beyond understanding (as on date, not necessarily forever)is repeatedly commented upon. Blushing do occur to all of us once a while, but we do not know the exact underlying mechanism. There are many other phenomena, which we do not know much about today.

Many wise people talk about controls in comparing the results of a new drugs with proven drugs. I offer any one to undertake a controlled study of homeopathic medicine. Its simple and would consume little time. People over 50-60, especially women, develop osteoarthritic knees and lumbar spondylosis. They take dietary supplements rich in Calcium (mostly in Europe and US) and analgesic+ antiinflammatory drugs.Pain is relieved for 4-5 hours and they have to repeat the dose and go on taking drugs on the regular basis.We know the clinical analgesic effects of drugs in such cases.

I use a homeopathic regimen of two medicines(not named here for reasons of their abuse) administered individually in alternation. The relief from pain starts within 3-4 days and pain disappears in 7-10 days. After that some time drug holidays lasting for 15 days to a month would also be without pain.Both the medicines are homeopathic pharmacopoeal preparations.

It is a simple exercise and can be conducted anywhere lasting only 3-4 months. I am willing to be part of the exercise.I can send both medicines with code Nos. to eliminate subjective bias.

Instruments developed for assessment of pain in OA as are universally adopted may be used to assess the progress.

And remember I haven't talked about Bone density. I have talked about pain only.

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