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Tai Chi helping fibromyalgia

Study in to Tai Chi helping fibromyalgia found that a number of patients responded well to it. Tai chi is great for correcting balance through slow movement and deep breathing, stimulating the chi in the body and giving clients a sense of wellbeing

Fibromyalgia is a long lasting condition which is characterised by weakness and soft-tissue pain that is often chronic. Sufferers also usually experience fatigue, weakness and disturbed sleep. The most common people category to suffer from it is middle aged women. Worldwidethere are 200 milion people with the condition.

A study on the effect of Tai Chi on fibromyalgia found that a significant number of patients responded well. Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston conducted the study in order to try an reduce or eliminate fibromylagia symptoms such as pains in joints .

Sourced from: medical news

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