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Homeopathy & M.E

The condition ME or (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ) is also referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is a chronic illness that affects many body systems and their functions. The changes seem to particularly affect the nervous  and immune system, but they also affect other body systems. The illness can cause profound exhaustion, muscle pain, problems with mental functioning such as memory loss and poor concentration, malaise and other symptoms. (ref. Bury & Bolton ME/ CFS support group).

As we can see the presenting complaints from this type of syndrome are many. For those people coping with this condition on a day to day basis the difficulties of  managing their daily living needs alone can be overwhelming. This is where Homeopathy can be of great assistance. Homeopathy treats the presenting complaints of the individual as they are expressed symptom by symptom by the sufferer building a suitable remedy picture. This remedy along with herbal support can assist the sufferer back to a picture of improved energy.

As Homeopathy works with the individuals own healing energies the process is gentle leaving  no side effects. Homeopathy has been around for two hundred years and was rediscovered by a medical doctor  in the 1800’s who had a successful  Homeopathic practice for thirty years.

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