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Guide to Wellness and detox

Help you're self with a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables and a bias amount of fish and meat which can help support good cognitive brain functioning and in recent health articles replenish You're bodies taurine levels.
Taurine Levels in the body can be depleted by the use of processed food which is normally spiked with MSG ( neuro toxin food enhancer)

Taurine is the most abundant amino acid; it is found throughout the body, but especially in tissues containing excitable cells, like nerves and heart muscle. It is responsible for regulating the mineral salts in the body. It is used with magnesium to regulate the pulse. It also protects against damage to the central nervous system. It’s a facilitator for the passage of sodium, potassium and possibly calcium and magnesium ions into and out of cells.

Sourced from
Journal of the American Heart Association [AHA] 
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How can I detox and whens the good time to join BSC slimming?

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