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Sport Injuries

Injury has stopped my weight loss training

Treatments for Sports injuries such as lower back hip and knee pain are common this time of year with patients following their health & weight loss regimes & some fall victim to injury.

Some Marathon runners in Stockport who may have found themselves with certain strain injuries. These injuries are normally associated with over training and long distance running, but with regular sports massage this can be avoided.
Sports therapy or sports massage involves deep tissues massage within certain muscle groups, the sports therapist will asses the patients injuries finding knots or tightness within the muscle and ease tension

Some athletes find themselves a little sore after their first sports massage treatment but drinking plenty of water and eating a good alkaline food will counter act the lactic acid within the muscles when training again.
Physiotherapy Treatment – With IN PEAK HEALTH


We can offer assessment and treatment for;
Back Pain and Sciatica
Neck and arm pain
Sports injuries
Joint or Muscle Pain
Post-operative Rehabilitation
Sports Injuries
Repetitive strain injuries such as tennis elbow

Physiotherapy is the means of assessing and treating physical problems and pain caused by muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves dysfunction.

We will look at the movement of the joints that are affected and the strength and flexibility of the soft tissue surrounding those joints. We can then build a picture to the cause of your symptoms and start treatment.

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