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Why would I need Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Unless you are one of the few who live an organic life, your body is taking in chemicals you don’t even know about, every meal you eat. Take the average ready meal or that quick can of vegetable soup you did for lunch. If you read the ingredients on the back, over 60% of the “extras” are things you’ve never heard of, but the manufactures are legitimately allowed to add. Flavour enhancers, mono sodium glutamate, Xanthium Gum, stabilisers, citric acid to name a few, but over time these additives clog up the system.

Regular use of refined carbohydrates and lack of fibre in the diet increases the transit time of the bowel waste. This literally means, you are carrying waste around with you that putrefies and stops the whole body working. Headaches, nausea, sluggishness, fatigue, can all be complaints related to constipation, as the body’s internal system is poisoned by its own bacterial waste.

  • You care about your health,
  • You look after your body,
  • You manage your sleep patterns
  • You keep an eye on your diet and exercise
  • You have regular health check ups and see your dentist.
  • Even if you manage to do all of these things, you could still have a health problem.
  • Modern life exposes us to toxins, stress and other factors that make us unhealthy.
  • Colon Hydrotherapy can help in detoxing our immune system.

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