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Find out if you have a metabolic syndrome

The reason why patients are not shifting the excess weight and collecting fat in the same areas is due to poor metabolic functioning. Our patients who found it hard to lose weight and consistently Plateauing around a certain weight.

Losing weight can be tough for metabolic patients, within our clinic we see patients information sheet out lining what they eat and what their daily exercise routine consists of. When looking at the person with a metabolic disorders body shape compared to their diet and the exercise they are involved we can see time and again poor metabolic functioning leads to patients training excessively and eating minimally just to "look normal".

If you want to see if you have poor metabolic functioning please contact and book your free assessment.

What our clients say:

I first came to the BSC Slimming clinic unsure that they could help me. Being an active MMA fighter I had always wanted to drop a weight category, however I could not reach that weight class. I tried everything from just eating veg & protein to starvation though nothing would help me rip my stomach, I still had a belly ( which I found upsetting).
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