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Loss Frustration Depression

These emotions are normal feelings that we feel when loosing a loved one, family member or some one who is close to a person, and it is natural to feel this way. Through Bereavement support such as EFT Bereavement Counselling Homeopathy clients can move through this range of emotions to find calm and less scattered thought patterns.

What is energetic medicine & how can it help me?

Energetic medicine is a terminology given to categorise therapies that deal with emotional problems that cause physical ailments, for example stress causing IBS which is a very common problem.  With depression many depressive or negative thoughts start from an out dated belief system or miss understandings, Homeopathy, EFT & hypnotherapy are very good at tackling these issues.

With  good therapy comes clarity of thought and a sense of calmness when presented with those same thought patterns that were once negative.

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