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Back Pain

Back pain and shoulder pain can be supported by sports treatment.

Sports treatment and physiotherapy is a strong therapy to keep athletes continuing to feel able to train hard and push themselves further in their game. One of the most recurring sports injuries sports therapist deal with in treatment, mainly shoulder and neck injuries and lower back injuries which can be caused by poor weight lifting and training methods or the brutality of the sport ( Rugby, MMA ,Thai Boxing).

When dealing with other sports people we seem to attract many runners and Cyclists  who find there back pain can be linked to tightened hamstrings and gluets. With regular sports massage and Physiotherapy for certain strategic exercise and stretches these two therapies will keep any sports person continuing in their gruelling training programme.

Why do hip flexors tighten?

Tight hip flexors can have several causes but most commonly its due to being sat for long periods of time behind a desk for example or driving for hours on end.
Also not stretching out or poor positioning during exercise can also have an effect. When the muscles spend a long time or are repetitively trained in a restricted (shortened) state then the muscle will develop in that way which will reduce the range of movement (ROM) read more?

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