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The stigma attached to mental health

Ask a GP in your area about mental health services

Mental health should not be measured by judgement from your HR Director

After hearing many workers fearful of being absent from work due to stress related symptoms many workers, co workers, managers (what ever level) fear of losing their job, forces them with worry to push on which carries many other physical as wel as mental side effects.
For example when a worker who feels anxious may not to be able to eat properly and probably be reliant on caffeine sugar and pharmaceutical medication just to keep them functioning in a high paced environment.

This way of living is common especially within the corporate and ironically the medical community where skill based workers are forced to complete long shift patterns without any support given to them until they eventually have to take a leave of absence due to health reasons.

Physical symptom brought on by emotion or stress

Heart complaints ( raised Blood pressure)
Skin irritations
Head aches & migraines
Metabolic functioning
Hair loss

If you need to speak to some one about private mental health care contact Cenacle Treatment Centre. Or contact the professional body of psychotherapy and counselling  BACP.

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