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Pain at work

Is your Back pain brought on by your working environment

Office work

Did you know sitting in a chair that does not support your back or standing over a photo copier could be the reason for back pain issues in the office.
This with a combination of emotional strain from a intense working environment produces a ill health in workers from back strain to workstrain.


Many workers in construction find it hard to continue work sometimes due to ongoing muscle tars, back/ neck pain and most come on fluid on the knee cap or better known as bursitis.

I take ibuprofen and Paracetamol for my work injuries what are alternatives?

What is the alternative? A month off work , I know, that’s not going to happen, so lets see what help nature can provide. There are two main factors, first the inflammation (increased fluid to cushion the area), and the consequent pain. Celery seed has a brilliant track record at removing fluid from joints and is a traditional remedy for bursitis (tennis elbow, housemaids knee etc) which is effectively what we have created. The tincture, an alcohol extract, tastes horrible, but its short term use will get that inflammation away quicker than anything, and for those with a recurring problem it can be taken in capsule form in combination with other herbs designed to disperse the fluid out of the body. For pain relief a topical cream will work quickest and we recommend a cayenne muscle cream or “Sore-no-More” an American all natural propriety brand that is very effective. All this without compromising your liver or healing abilities!

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