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3 Easy Steps to Stop smoking Today:   Step 1: Decide that you are going to give up smoking. As you are looking at this web site you have already decided to "Give Up"    Step 2: Book your Stop Smoking appointment now. Appointments

D4 medicals available at cenacle treatmentcentre.    Medical examinations available at Cenacle treatment centre for truck taxi and private care hire veichle owners0800 7797023
Our individualised acupuncture programme is tailored to support IVF.   Before IVF   Ideally, preparation for IVF should start at least 3-4 months prior to the IVF cycle, although even one month can make a difference. It aims to bring

Connective Tissue Massage (CTM) This is not a massage but a form of stretching to release the fluids trapped within the connective tissue between the muscle fibers. Using CTM techniques any adhesion’s in the superficial connective tissue layers

Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence Our team of medical experts are fully conversant with the Ministry of Justice Reforms, producing CPR compliant reports to a high standard. Our experts can provide appointments for paediatric cases and

Medico-Legal Reports Brown Medical Limited offer a high level service, incorporating report writing via our various medical practitioners, co-ordination of patient medical records including, GP and Hospital notes.   We can provide a

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