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Childhood stress can cause illness in adult life Despite Dr Andrea Danese, a clinical lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, higlighting that such studies had to be interpreted carefully because there is a chance that people do not

Tai Chi helping fibromyalgia Study in to Tai Chi helping fibromyalgia found that a number of patients responded well to it. Tai chi is great for correcting balance through slow movement and deep breathing, stimulating the chi in the body and

Homeopathy & M.E The condition ME or (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ) is also referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is a chronic illness that affects many body systems and their functions. The changes seem to particularly affect the

Homeopathy Success in Piglets and E Coli The following was sent to me by organic farmer, homeopathic activist and all round good guy - Oliver Dowding.  I was fascinated by this piece of research and I hope you enjoy it too:  Here's a quick outline

Wellness at work By this BBC report (workplace illness) stress in the workplace must be at its highst level to date and what is  the most cost effective and a diplomatic way of dealing with this  epedemic. One way of dealing with this problem would

Work life balance Long shift work and unregulated shift patterns is the catayalist in all cases of work related illness,though for many staff its work balance that can tip the scale and send some staff members ill. Workbalance can be tricky

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