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The Holistic approach to health For many years, the conventional approach to good health has focussed on the reduction or elimination of symptoms. Where possible, cause for symptoms will be found, and also treated. But chronic symptoms will be

Why learn Autogenic Therapy with a therapist? Some people say why do I have to learn autogenic therapy with a therapist, when I have seen it in books and articles in teach yourself form? AT is always put forward as a simple technique, and when

What is Autogenic Therapy If you imagine sitting in a chair or lying on a bed in a comfortable, symmetrical manner with your eyes closed, you will already have a picture of what someone practising an AT exercise looks like. The exercises are

Tai chi for back pain Any form of movement or exercise will have a positive effect on your body and help keep it supple and strong, but this can be difficult to achieve if you are in pain and have limited movement ability. Tai Chi may be an

Loneliness prevalent amoung the young than old, how can we change this mind state A mental health charity today suggests that young people are more lonely than people past retirement age. The charity highlights the decline of community and a growing

What doctors don't tell you Perhaps the most underappreciated health scandal in modern times is the fact that, every day, we are all subjected to some 80,000 drugs—virtually all of which have not undergone a single regulatory test before their

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