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I didn’t used to be allergic to all these things, what happened? The body is really a chemical-processing plant and while it all runs smoothly we don’t experience allergic reactions. However our total exposure to chemicals in food, air and water

What can I do if I am diagnosed with allergies? An allergy is an over-reaction of the immune system and symptoms may include: asthma, eczema, IBS, skin problems, poor concentration and sleep difficulties. Your allergy test results will show you

What is Homeobotanicals Homeobotanicals is a relatively new system combining actual herbal constituets with the energetics of homeopathy but based on traditional principals. Developed in New Zealand 30years ago it was trialled in NZ and Australia

The Holistic approach to health For many years, the conventional approach to good health has focussed on the reduction or elimination of symptoms. Where possible, cause for symptoms will be found, and also treated. But chronic symptoms will be

Why learn Autogenic Therapy with a therapist? Some people say why do I have to learn autogenic therapy with a therapist, when I have seen it in books and articles in teach yourself form? AT is always put forward as a simple technique, and when

What is Autogenic Therapy If you imagine sitting in a chair or lying on a bed in a comfortable, symmetrical manner with your eyes closed, you will already have a picture of what someone practising an AT exercise looks like. The exercises are

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