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Homeopathy on the NHS The science and technology committee have called for a review on homeopathy on the NHS, saying its merely a placebo effect and it only works because the patients believe in it. Committee chairman Phil Willis MP warned

What is past life regression? In simple terms past life regression is just remembering. Stored in your subconscious mind are all the memories of all of your experiences, what it is like to be a small child or baby, what its like to be born

Can I change my negative outlook? A negative outlook on life often leads to a negative experience and subsequent negative emotions which can prevent you from putting the experience behind you and getting on with the rest of your life. Although

Tapping therapy (EFT): curing physical and mental problems A tapping therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), known for riding physical and emotional problems by tapping on meridian points is finally getting some recognition. Journalist

The Society’s response to the report of the House of Commons Science & Technology Committee Evidence Check: Homeopathy The Society of Homeopaths, the UK’s largest regulator of homeopaths, roundly rejects the findings of the House of Commons

Self Harming, Homeopathy, EFT & Hypnosis can help The increase on the number of self harming admissions has risen over the pass ten years with patients  aged between 16- 24. The stigma attached to mental health issues is very prevalent in

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